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Contrary to what you would think, when catholics preach our faith to you, we don’t do it with hatred, or with a holier-than-thou attitude. We do it with a burning, loving, fire in our hearts, certain that there is an overflowing source of happiness that is open to all. We preach shamelessly and possibly even annoyingly, because we want all of you non-believers to be this happy… We love you, and want you to be filled with happiness.

So next time you’re rolling your eyes at us, looking at us with contempt, condescendingly or even thinking that we are evil… Try to remember that the only emotion with which we look at you non-believers is solely and most definitely love. Just love.

Atheists, I fucking love you.

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Yes, like David in our reading from God’s word this morning, the pro-life movement has been dismissed by the Goliath of the well-oiled, well-inked, glitterati-crowded pro-abortion one…. But, Goliath the Giant didn’t win, did he? Trusting, shrewd, faithful, confident, energetic little David did! Thank you, David…for the radiant inspiration you give us!
Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan (New York)

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